ZooGene, a DNA sequence database for
calanoid copepods and euphausiids:
an OBIS tool for uniform standards of
species identification



Ann Bucklin, University of New Hampshire
Bruce W. Frost, University of Washington
Peter H. Wiebe, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Michael J. Fogarty, NOAA/NMFS Northeast Fisheries Science Center

Co-PI: Robert C. Groman, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

An international partnership has been established to create a zooplankton genomic (ZooGeneTM) database of DNA type sequences for calanoid copepods and euphausiids. The ZooGeneTM partnership includes four lead investigators and thirteen expert taxonomic consultants from seven countries.

Objectives of the ZooGene Partnership

Funded by the National Science Foundation under the auspices of the National Ocean Partnership Program,
the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and the Census of Marine Life

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