ZooGene, a DNA sequence database for
calanoid copepods and euphausiids:
an OBIS tool for uniform standards of
species identification


ZooGeneTM Products

"type" mtCOI sequences for ~70 copepod and ~30 euphausiid species

18S rRNA sequences for 15 copepod and 10 euphausiid genera

mtCOI is diagnostic of species; reveals population genetic structure

accurate, unambiguous molecular systematic character

multiplexed species-specific PCR protocols for copepods

ZooGeneTM detection kits for distribution

reconstruction of speciation patterns

comparison with morphological phylogenies

evolutionary relationship among genera; delimiting families

growing use of mtCOI as taxonomic character

standardization among regions and taxonomic experts

resource for ecologists in diverse areas of world

definitive, objective answers to: "What species is this?"